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The most scenic and the most beautiful trail of Sikkim is the Goecha la trek which takes the trekker up-close for a spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga amidst a majestic panorama of the other lesser Himalayan giants within its range of mountains. Goecha la is at 4940 Mtrs and offers a unique trekking experience right till the end. This trek is an extension of The Dzongri (4200 Mtrs) trek which is very popular for its wonderful views and also the terrain. Trekking to Goecha la is pure adventure at its best where the trekker is taken into the very base of towering mountain peaks directly above and camp is set amidst the view of rumbling avalanches and high mountain glaciers. The trek starts from Yuksom (1850 Mrs) and passes through thick forest gradually changing landscape and ultimately reaching the top of the pass which is an inexplicable experience.

This trek gives an ultimate experience of high altitude camping and the true spirit of adventure as camps are set in the jungles and also in meadows with mighty peaks all around. The whole camp travels with the trekkers and food is cooked at site which gives that special outdoor feeling along with the tremendous sense of achievement when one stand on top of the pass and experiences the vision of the third highest peak of the world Mt khanchendzonga (8586 Mtrs) in front of him.

Trip Length: 9 nights, 10 days

Best time to trek: December - January 

Cost Includes:

Cost Excludes: 
  • To and fro Airfare /train fare
  • Phone calls, laundry and tips
  • Alchoholic beverages
  • Extra cost incurred due to delay in transit as a result of inclement weather or civil disturbances


Planned Activity

  Day Hotel Activities  
1NJP/Yuksom 3 * Luxury Hotel Pick up from Bagdogra / NJP and go straight to Yuksom via Jorethang. Arrival at the hotel and prepare for the trek. (Drive 170 kms)
2Yuksom/Sachen Tented Camp Start the trek to Yuksom (1850 meters) Sachen: remain in the camps (9 kms trek) - mounted
3Sachen/Tsoka Tented Camp Trek to Tsoka Sachen (3100 meters) via Bakhim: stay night (7 kms Trek) - mounted
4Tsoka/Dzongiri Tented Camp Tsoka trek to Dzongri (4000 meters) via Phethang: one night stay (15 Kms trek) - mounted
5Dzongiri La Pass Tented Camp Early in the morning, go to Dzongri pass (4200mètres), enjoy the sunrise over the mountains back to breakfast and hiking thansing (3900 meters) of living n
6Thansing/Lamuney Tented Camp Trek from Lansing to stay lamune (3900 meters). Night (6 kms trek) --- directly without gradient
7Goecha La/Kockchurang Tented Camp Start early in the morning to hit Goecha (4940 meters) back to lamuney and continue kockchurang: one night stay (total 15 kms) --- top of the hill at the start.
8Kockchurang/Bakhim Tented Camp Trek back to kockchurang Bakhim bypassing Dzongri: stay night (12 kms trek) mixed gradient
9Bakhim/Yuksom Tented Camp Bakhim trek to Yuksom: nights trek (10 kms) to use gradient
10Yuksom/NJP Yuksom to Bagdogra / drive, then take the headlong NJP.

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