Five best day trips from Delhi

Five best day trips from Delhi

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Best day trips from Delhi

Coming to Delhi on a short trip and have a day or two in your hands to explore the nearby places? Here’s Tierra’s list of five best day trips from Delhi that’ll give you a flavour of rich architectural and cultural heritage of the nearby places:

  • Neermrana Fort Palace: Lying 122 kms from Delhi on Delhi-Jaipur highway, Neemrana fort is one of the best resort near Delhi and is actually a 15th century heritage hotel where you can walk right into a beautiful history. This palace has 7 wings built over 12 layers tiered into a hill, and thus it is one of the most unique day trips from Delhi. Here you’ll find hanging gardens, two swimming pools, ayurvedic spa and also India’s first zip line.
  • Kuchesar Mud Fort: Kuchesar is a heritage village located in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, as is perfect for a day tour from Delhi. Kuchesar is famous for the mud fort built by the Jat rulers here. This 18th century mud fort is surrounded by 200 acres of greenery, and is built to protect the jats from British attacks. Moreover, 25 kms from Kuchesar is a place called Brijghat, it’s a beautiful picnic spot by the river Gangas and amidst the mango orchards. All this makes Kuchesar one of the best day trips from Delhi.
  • Vrindavan: Another of the interesting day trips from Delhi is Vrindavan. Located at 142 kms from Delhi, it is a holy destination related to the Lord Krishna. You can visit this destination via 2 hr long drive or even by trains. It is full of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, and other mythological structures including Iskon temple, Mirabai temple, Gokulnanda temple, Radha Raman temple, Vrindavan Dham etc. Winters is the best time to take this one of the best day trips from Delhi. Just next to Vrindavan lies Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna and another culturally rich destination.
  • Agra: Just a 3 hr and 15 mins drive from Delhi makes Agra the most fascinating of the day trips from Delhi. It is home to one of the wonder of the world, Taj Mahal and many other magnificent structures including Agra Fort plus other Mughal structures. You can reach Agra by bus or by an early morning train, if you want to return by night via an evening train. The best time to visit Agra is during winter or spring time.
  • Damdama lake: With Aravalli hills forming a beautiful backdrop, the Damdama lake is truly a spectacular location to spend a day at. Just an hour long ride away from Delhi, this natural reservoir becomes a temporary home for the nature lovers during the weekends. At this family picnic spot, one can indulge in some boating, bird watching or nature walks. Various resorts by the lake including Dream Island resort provides a perfect setting for lunch or dinner.

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