Things to know before celebrating Holi in India

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Holi is a Hindu festival of great significance, and the best place to enjoy this festival is India itself. It is a festival of colors and great joy, and one must surely experience it atleast once in their lifetime.

However, if you’re planning to celebrate this festival in India then there are few things that you must keep in mind. Here is a list of things you should know before celebrating holi in India:

  • Find a group of people to celebrate it with: If you’re travelling alone, or foreigners, then it’ll be advised that you don’t venture out on streets on your own during Holi. Instead, look for a family or a group of people that you might feel comfortable playing holi with. Alternatively, you can go to any private club to celebrate holi, or celebrate it in an ashram in Varanasi or Rishikesh. These are the perfect venues to safely celebrate holi, have fun, have loads of sweet plus you don’t have to worry about being attacked by hooligans.
  • Basic precautions before playing with colors: The best way to enjoy holi is ensuring that you’ve taken all the protective measures, and that also includes protecting your skins as well as the clothes. Make sure that you apply some kind of oil on your skin before you venture out to play holi, as it will be easier to wash off colors later on. Moreover, when it comes to the clothes, wear something white, and something old, because you wouldn’t want to ruin your new or expensive dresses, plus it’ll be fun to see all the colors on those white clothes.
  • Location: After travelling across the world to play holi in India, you wouldn’t want to ruin your experience by being at the wrong location. Yes, it’s true, some place in India don’t celebrate holi with as good an atmosphere as others. Therefore, make sure you are somewhere in North India during holi, as it’s the best place to celebrate it. Best cities to be in during holi are Mathura, Vrindavan, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi, Rishikesh or Varanasi.
  • Go easy on Bhaang: While celebrating holi, you’ll be introduced to something called Bhaang Lassi, which is a rather delicious and sweet tasting drink but is made of a powerful intoxicant. It is usually served at all the holi functions, and it does land people in the hospitals if taken in huge amounts. This is also one of the reasons why as a lady you must not venture out alone during Holi, because quite a number of people are heavily intoxicated.
  • Learn about its significance: If you’re planning to celebrate this festival, then it’s a good thing if you should know about its significance. This festival is a celebration of spring, unity and the brotherhood. And like many other festivals, is a celebration of victory of good over evil.

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