Five reasons to visit Sikkim this year

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Reasons to visit Sikkim

The remoteness of Sikkim is what makes it special, away from all the hustle bustle and general tourist crowd, Sikkim is a heaven to be explored. Here are our five reasons to visit Sikkim this year:

  • Monasteries: Not only Sikkim is a beautiful place to travel, it also is a great place to meditate in. So, monasteries are one of the five reasons to visit Sikkim this year. There are about 200 monasteries perched on the hilltops here, with Rumtek, Pemayangtse and Tashiding being the most famous ones. Then there is Karma Kagyu monastery, which contains 200 years old murals. Moreover, these monasteries hold various festials including Buddhist dancing at Rumtek, Chaarm festival in Enchey etc.
  • Yumthang Valley: Yumthang valley is one of the recommended places by the Sikkim tourism, and truly so. Yumthang is also known as the valley of flowers for it is abundant with the fiery red Rhododendrons and Primula flowers. This gorgeous valley is our one of the five reasons to visit Sikkim this year. The other special aspect of this valley is the number of hot springs present here, which are rich in Sulfur. These springs are believed to have healing powers in case of various diseases. However, we recommend this valley for the gorgeous views.
  • Gurudongmar Lake: One of the most breathtaking sights in Sikkim is Gurudongmar lake. It is the second highest lake in India, and while most of its part remains frozen, the part of it that was touched by Guru Padmasambhava never freezes. However, this lake is not only about the legends, but is also abundant with natural beauty as it is surrounded by some magnificent snow capped peaks. This lake, which is sacred for both Hindus and the Buddhists, is one of our five reasons to visit Sikkim this year.
  • Yuksom and Dongiri trail: One of the reasons to visit Sikkim this year is its trekking trails. The place is a heaven for trekkers, and one of the best trekking trails are Yuksom to Dzongri peak, and further to Goecha peak, for the ones who’re up for the challenge. This trekking trail passes through the pristine forests, wonderful rhododendron gardens and also crosses the rivers in Kanchenjunga national park. If you’re a foreign national, you might require some permits before trekking here.
  • Pelling: In the west Sikkim district lies this small town of Pelling, from where you can get the unobstructed views of Kanchenjunga. This town is slowly become the next tourist hotspot in the state and it offers you some wonderful views of the magnificent himalayas. Therefore, if you want a laidback vacation with romantic moments and breathtaking views, Pelling is the place to be at.

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